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Take It Slow

Good morning, uh...afternoon

It kind of depends on when you go to bed,huh? Well, I'm finally up and ready to start this.

I want to ask my fellows, what do you listen to when you write?

If I'm really settled in and planning a long session, I put music on and I am so eclectic. I have everything from Justin Bieber to Il Divo to Dave Clark Five to Ludacris to Taylor Swift to Tony Bennett to Rascal Flatts to Gene Pitney to One Republic to ADAM Lambert. If I want it old school, I put on my old favorites...sigh..Time and Tide, Statue of a Fool, Where the Boys Are, My Coloring Book, Laughter in the Rain, Put Your Head on My Shoulder, Smile,Love Can Build a Bridge, My Special Angel,I'll Stand by You, True Colors, Will You Be There, Father Figure,Careless Whisper, A Piece of Sky,...I could go on for days.

As you can see it runs the gamut from Broadway to Rock to Hip Hop to Pop to Oldies to just whatever I like.

I used to teach and would have music on sometimes and a kid would say, "Yuk. I hate country music, or what's that? It sounds old." I tried to tell them to not focus on only one kind of music, broaden your minds, for heaven's sake, I'd say, you never know what's out there unless you give it a chance. They certainly got a lot of different kinds when I had a tape, yes, a tape, on.

So, who do you like to listen to? Do you listen while you write or do you have to have silence? Interesting to me to find out from others what they listen to as they create.

I have to take a friend of mine, an LOL down the street, to the grocery. If you read some of my books, you know LOL's are Little Old Ladies. I'm taking some photos to the next town to be put in an art show, too. Busy day.

I'll put on a bit about Take It EASY and Take It Slow, both of which are coming out in print now, too. This is one of my favorite series. Love these characters. More a little later...

Love to hear from you.




January 2015

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